Throw away your eye brow pencils ladies!

Eyebrow tattooing is here!!!

Jasmine Amey has been an Anastasia beverly hills trained brow artist for almost 15 years and has worked on many of Australia's top celebrities. With a loyal clientele  travelling across the nation & internationally  for her specialty 'hollywood brow' experience.

"I love unleashing the full potential of someone's eyebrows and wanted to expand on it.

 I have taken hollywood brows to the next level by mastering eyebrow tattooing so get ready to have your hollywood brows last longer than ever before!

my experience with Anastasia beverly hills, hd brows, hollywood brows, ardell brow extensions and now acquiring a qualification in cosmetic eyebrow tattooing i can provide you with the perfect design for a flawless eyebrow tattoo that you have been waiting for.

Over the years i have had so many client's say to me that their over plucked when they were younger and they wish their brows grew back except they didn't... I can now help you achieve your dream brows" - Jasmine Amey. 

To design the perfect brow Jasmine may need to colour correct a previous tattoo that may have changed colour or feather in your brow to fill in patchy areas, ombre' shade your brow for a powder look or even a combination of micro blading & rotary techniques to create a flawless finish. You may like a natural brow look or a glamorous finish, thicker brows or you may want a higher arch; whatever you have always wanted we can incorporate your vision into your brow design, Jasmine is your couture brows specalist.  


"I use only the best products and services that are state

of the art whilst always keeping up to date on the latest techniques!" - Jasmine Amey.  

our signature style is fluffy, feathery, full natural looking brows with a structured base line and perfect arch. Not one person should have the exact same brow shape. together we will design, personalise & tailor your shape to open up your eye area for a sultry youthful finish.

Those days of being rushed out the door struggling to finish your makeup are over, you are now waking up in the morning with one less task on your list.

Men don't have to miss out either as she has created 'mr brow' which can enhance your look for a more youthful appearance that is natural, masculine & bold by simply strengthening the brow line. guys, don't worry its completely natural looking and undetectable to the boys!

We are now with                    

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full feather touch (natural looking hair strokes)
includes touch up within 6 weeks
half feather touch infill  (only for small areas)
includes touch up within 6 weeks
ombre' (powder finish blended style)
includes touch up within 6 weeks
combination brow (feather touch & ombre' for extra sparse brows)
includes touch up within 6 weeks
colour correction (for tattoos that have changed to blue, green or orange. i can counteract the colour for a blank canvas to start a new brow shape, style and colour)
$400 per session (may take a few sessions depending on the severity)
mr brow (fine hair strokes to strengthen base line)
includes touch up within 6 weeks
brow refresh (12-18 months)
for clients thats have previously had their brows tattooed by myself
what you can expect
eyebrow tattooing procedures usually require 2 sessions, the initial  process where we design and create your new brow shape and the touch up which is done no longer than 6 weeks after.
in the touch up session we access your tattoo and complete your final look. 
with colour correcting we may require a few sessions before we achieve the colour needed to proceed with our new brow shaping.
when you first have your brows tattooed the colour may look darker than you expected and thats ok because the pigment is fresh and everybody's skin exfoliates at different rates and when the colour pigment settles your brows may look upto 50% lighter than the original pigment shade which will be a desired shade we wanted.
what to do & not to do before your procedure 
prior to your treatment
*come in if you may have allergies and may require a test patch (allergic reactions however are rare)
* please see your doctor if you suffer from any skin conditions that may interfere with cosmetic tattooing
* go to your doctor and get a prescription for numbing cream and go to a compounding chemist to have it made up before your appointment
48 hours prior to your appointment
* don't tweeze
* don't wax
* don't tint
* don't use blood thinning medication
24 hours prior to your appointment
* don't drink alcohol
* don't use blood thinning medication
after your treatment
* use bepanthen for 7-10 days to help the healing process
* try to stay out of the sun, pool & salt water as can cause fading(7-10 days)
* don't pick, peel or scratch your tattoo or it may cause pigment loss, infection or scarring
I love ink

Tina Davies' journey to I ❤️INK started 18 years ago when she had PMU done for herself for the very first time. From then on, she knew she wanted to become a permanent makeup artist. After 16 years in the profession, she's had a love-hate struggle with the pigments she had been using, and set out on a mission to find the best permanent makeup pigments.